Scheduling an appointment

Book your appointment online

Patients registered under following physicians can now request an appointment online once they have signed up and activated an account on Medeo

  • Dr. Alrai
  • Dr. Bourgault
  • Dr. Sharma
  • Dr Tchen
  • Dr. Terziev

An invitation to join Medeo has been sent to patients, please check you spam folder if you have not received the invitation.

Request an appointment by sending a message

Out staff will endeavor to reply to online requests for appointments within 48 hours. 

Please note that each family member requires their own appointment.

Alternatively, you can email to Our staff will not reply to anonymous emails that do not identify the sender and their family physician. We prefer that patients contact us using our form.


Book appointment by calling reception

Patients who are not able to book an appointment online using Medeo website or mobile app can schedule an appointment by calling the office during the office hours.

Please do not book appointments to fill out forms, renew your massage therapy/physiotherapy/chiropractor referrals or prescription refills. 

Advanced Access

We are trialling a different model for booking appointments, called ‘advanced access’. This means we will endeavor to book an appointment with your provider on the same day or the next day. If  you require an urgent appointment but your provider is unavailable, we will offer you an appointment with the covering doctor for that day.

Urgent care appointments for after hours

Urgent care appointments must be made on the same day. Please call our office for these appointments. Appointments cannot be made in advance and are for urgent issues only. 

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