Zero Tolerance Abuse Policy

Santé Alliance Health and all Santé Alliance Health physicians are committed to providing a safe, secure, and respectful environment for all patients and staff.
Genuine Risk of Harm
There is absolutely zero tolerance for any conduct that causes any individual to feel at genuine risk of harm. In all such situations, the offending individual will be asked to immediately leave the premises and if a patient, they will be immediately discharged from the practice with no option of returning in the future.
In circumstances where there is physical contact without consent (e.g. grabbing, spitting, pushing), a police report will generally be filed to ensure appropriate records are maintained.
All Other Unacceptable Conduct
Generally speaking, our zero-tolerance policy extends to all other conduct which can be considered unacceptable in nature. We strive to treat individuals with respect and professionalism in all interactions, and we expect and require the same in return. This includes conduct whether in person, by phone, in writing, or by voicemail.
Exemplary conduct which is unacceptable includes:
  • violence
  • intimidation
  • throwing or damaging property
  • inappropriate words
  • abusive language
  • disrespectful or demeaning language or conduct
  • discriminatory remarks
  • threats or threatening behavior
  • bullying
In limited extenuating circumstances, we may exercise our discretion to excuse a single lapse in judgment. If you have been referred to this policy in such circumstances, please consider yourself warned that your recent conduct was considered inappropriate and unacceptable. No further warnings will be given – any further abusive conduct on your part will be grounds for immediate dischargefrom Santé Alliance Health as a patient
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