Santé Alliance Health Welcome Letter

Dear patient,

Thank you for choosing Santé Alliance Health and welcome! We have a dynamic and diverse group of physicians ready to provide full scope comprehensive family medicine. Dr. Annemarie Allart, Dr. Louise Bourgault, Dr. Paula Tchen, Dr. Meena Sharma, Dr. Adnan Alrai, Dr. Stanislav Terziev, Dr.Milka Gostimirovic, Dr. Krishnagopi Jeyakaran, Dr. Yolanda Ma and Dr. Justine Courtemanche are all here to provide comprehensive care. This includes but is not limited to preventative care, prenatal care, well childcare and minor procedures. We look forward to working with you in the future through a strong partnership. Our goal is to make you an active participant in your health through easy accessibility and open dialogue.


Our office regular office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm.

Urgent care hours: Monday to Thursday 5:00 pm-8:00 pm, Saturdays 10:00 am-1 pm

It is important to be very clear about the nature of your problem when booking an appointment. Our staff is currently being trained to provide you the best care in the most efficient way. This means that there are times when you may need to see the doctor and other times when your questions can be answered by reception, nursing, or a CA (clinical assistant).

Here at Alliance Health, we will endeavor to book an appointment with your provider on the same day or next day basis. If your provider is unable to accommodate your needs within a 24–48-hour period, you will be booked with the physician covering the practice for that day. If a family member requires an appointment, please advise reception when booking as each member requires a separate appointment to allow adequate time to address individual issues.

Please be mindful that these appointments are not for urgent forms or other administrative issues that can be dealt with through reception.


Please arrive 10 min early to your appointment. We strive to be on time but can often run behind schedule due to urgent “fit ins” In addition, we ask that you always bring your health card with you as it is required for check-in. Finally, please bring your medications/herbal supplements or an updated list of all your medications.

Please be mindful that a regular appointment is approximately 10 minutes. This means that we may not have time to address all issues in one visit. Please start with the most important problem first understanding that we may need to book a follow up appointment for other issues.


Please do not book appointments to fill out forms, renew your massage therapy/physiotherapy/chiropractor referrals or prescription refills.

FORMS: We would prefer you drop off the form at reception. If the doctor needs to see you, reception will contact you.

RENEWALS of massage therapy/ physiotherapy /chiropractor/acupuncture etc. This can be requested through reception. There will be a charge of $ 10 dollars per renewal.


Some procedures and forms are not covered by OHIP and thus, are subject to a fee. This fee is usually based on OMA rates or the physician’s hourly rate. Payment is accepted through reception with debit, credit cards or cash. Our fees will be posted at the office but are subject to change. Please visit our website for updated information.


Please be aware that these medications are controlled substances. This means that your physician may ask you to sign an agreement indicating that only one physician and one pharmacy will be involved in prescribing these substances. Failure to adhere to this agreement will allow the physician to terminate further prescriptions of that controlled substance in his/her name. On occasion, if there is flagrant disregard for the agreement, the physician may decide to end the doctor patient relationship.


We expect members of our team to work in a climate of mutual respect and courtesy. Aggressive, threatening, or offensive behavior towards any member of our staff will not be tolerated.


Many patients wait several weeks to see their doctor. This means that any patient missing an appointment is a missed opportunity for another patient to be seen in a timely manner. Thus, Santé Alliance Health will charge a $ 40 ” no show” fee for a regular appointment and a $ 80 “no show” fee for a physical/periodic health visit.

COVID-19. Get vaccinated!

We can assure you that our physicians and staff members have been fully vaccinated at this point.  We hope, as a medical establishment, that we can encourage you to reconsider your unvaccinated status. If you need help booking an appointment for a vaccine, let us know. We can help you.

If you or a family member develop a fever or any symptom resembling Covid/Delta variant, please call your doctor’s office for further instructions. Do not present in person until you have spoken with one of our staff members.


Our family health team promises to make every effort to see our patients 6 days per week. If your physician is not available that day, another physician from our team will be assigned to deal with your urgent issue at our office in person or over the phone via telemedicine. Use of random walk-in clinics have not been shown to improve your overall health and fracture the continuity of care we seek to provide. Consequently, we actively discourage and would ask that you avoid the use of any walk-ins, urgent care establishments or telemedicine services not associated with your family physician.

If any of these policies do not seem like a good fit for your needs, please identify this to your physician for discussion and further clarification.

I acknowledge that I have read and understood the policies above and agree to adhere to them.

Signature: ___________________

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